FLAMENCO BLACK was established as a non-profit organization on October 10th, 2023 by Artistic-Executive Director, Bridget L. Moore. The organization is committed to equity, fairness, inclusion, and collaboration. Our mission centers on honoring the Afro-Andalusian roots of Flamenco, promoting inclusivity, celebrating diverse cultural influences within Flamenco and the African Diaspora, and fostering impactful social change through collaborative efforts.

Vida de Torro-Life of the Bull

VIDA DE TORRO-THE LIFE OF THE BULL is the original work and an extension of African Bulerías in Flamenco Black, choreographed by Bridget L. Moore.

In flamenco, the bull represents strength, power, and passion, and the dance often depicts the struggle between the dancer, representing the matador, and the imaginary bull. This struggle can be seen as a metaphor for the challenges and triumphs in life.

The bull symbolizes fertility, strength, and vitality in African cultures, representing the ability to sustain life and overcome challenges within the community. Additionally, ownership of bulls reflects wealth and status, serving as valuable assets that signify prosperity and social influence.




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