Exploring the Dance of Heritage: Tracing Flamenco Black’s Afro-Andalusian Legacy


Honoring the Afro-Andalusian Roots of Flamenco

At Flamenco Black, our dedication lies in honoring and reflecting the rich history of flamenco. Moreover, we recognize its Afro-Andalusian roots and understand the importance of collaboration. We uphold the utmost respect for the contributions of all artists.

Celebrating Cultural Interconnectedness

We seek to bring value not only to the world of Flamenco but also to the African Diaspora and various multifaceted cultures. This includes celebrating the interconnectedness of dance, music, and global dance aesthetics.

Preservation of Vibrant Heritage

Our mission is to preserve and showcase the vibrant heritage of both Flamenco and the African Diaspora. Additionally, by nurturing collaboration and highlighting the diverse contributions of artists, we strive to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of these art forms.

Fostering Cultural Exchange and Learning

Through our initiatives, we aim to create a platform that honors the historical and cultural intersections of Flamenco and the African Diaspora. Ultimately, we seek to showcase the beauty and power that emerges through the fusion of Flamenco and African influences.

Promoting Inclusivity and Equity

Central to our mission is a commitment to inclusivity, respect, and equity. Consequently, we recognize the value and importance of every artist’s contribution, regardless of their background or origin.

Inspiring Positive Social Change

Through our work, we strive to inspire and entertain while effecting positive social change. Importantly, we firmly believe that the fusion of Flamenco and the African Diaspora can serve as a powerful catalyst for cultural exchange and understanding.

~Artistic-Executive Director, Bridget L. Moore

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